Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses - part 3
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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses: new look, new technology, new models, emission standard Euro VI

Sprinter Transfer: All-rounder with numerous variants

An extremely attractive appearance, an inviting passenger compartment, comprehensive safety technology, a high level of comfort, comfortable passenger seats – the versatile and compact Sprinter Transfer is ideal for inter-city and shuttle operations, as well as day trips.

Four length and weight variants of the Sprinter Transfer make up a range of five basic models that meet practically all requirements for a compact and agile minibus. In the four length increments the range extends from the shortest, the Sprinter Transfer 23 with twelve passenger seats to the Sprinter Transfer 34, the Sprinter Transfer 35 and the Sprinter Transfer 45, and right up to the Sprinter Transfer 55 which can seat up to 22 passengers.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Transfer 45

The Sprinter Transfer minibus cuts a fine figure: large, flush-fitted side windows in a parallelogram shape and a stylish feature line along the flanks suggest dynamism, while wide rub strips along the sides are practical features of the minibus.

The largest model in the inter-city series, the Sprinter Transfer 55, has a distinctive bus rear-end as standard, with an integral luggage compartment flap in place of two hinged doors.

Passenger compartment perfectly attuned to the exterior design

Passengers enter the minibus either via a wide sliding door, via a widened entry at the co-driver's door or via one of the two available swing-out doors. Standard equipment includes an electrically operated entry step. The passenger compartment is harmoniously attuned to the exterior design.The ceiling, panelling, stowage facilities and seats complement each other to form an airy passenger area with an impression of generous spaciousness. High-grade materials reflect the high quality standard of the Sprinter Transfer.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Transfer 55

Passenger seats allow a variable seating arrangement

Passengers are seated on comfortable "Inter Star Sprinter" seats. The seat upholstery has marked contours, providing a high level of seating comfort and outstanding lateral support.

As an option, travelling comfort can be further enhanced with seat backrests adjustable for angle, folding armrests on the aisle side, luggage nets on the backrests and folding tables with cupholders, as on request the vehicles can be equipped with "Travel Star Sprinter" touring coach seats. All seats are fitted with two-point seat belts as standard, but can also be fitted with three-point seat belts. The innovative seat mounting system based on rails allows a variable seating configuration.

On request, comfort on board the Sprinter Transfer minibus series can be further enhanced by efficient passenger compartment air conditioning systems using air ducts along the ceiling liner, convection heaters, seat armrests, curtains or folding tables with cupholders.

Sprinter Travel: Touring in comfort

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Travel offers a high level of comfort for excursions and tours, or as a VIP shuttle. It is available in three variants, the Sprinter Travel 45, 55 and 65. As standard, even the Sprinter Travel 55 has a touring coach rear end with a large luggage flap and 1.45 m3 of luggage space.

The Sprinter Travel 65 is distinguished by a completely autonomous body based on a ribbed structure. Typical features include an elegant appearance, with large window areas including a panoramic windscreen extending well up to the roof. The flagship in this series also impresses with a special touring coach rear end featuring a luggage flap and 2.0 m³ of luggage space, a large rear window and around 10 cm more interior width than the Sprinter Travel 55.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Travel 65

The Sprinter Travel is immediately recognisable from outside by its chromed radiator grille. All the models have an exclusively designed passenger compartment. The side walls have a cosy fabric lining, as does the ceiling. Luggage racks, service sets with air vents, reading lights and courier call buttons are part of the high touring coach standard, as are separately controlled air conditioning systems for the passenger compartment and cockpit. The seats have adjustable backrests and folding armrests on the aisle side.

As standard, the exclusive Sprinter Travel 65 cossets its passengers with luxury "Travel Star Xtra 2" touring seats familiar from the Travego, seat distances of up to 920 mm, curtains, double-glazing, air suspension at the rear and much more. Its access door is a single swing-out door with a 750 mm wide aperture. It is able to carry up to 18 + 1 passengers, making it the ideal minibus for comfortable group travel or VIP shuttle services.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Travel 65

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City: Low-floor comfort for town and country

The Sprinter City model series is the regular service specialist. While the compact Sprinter City 35 is based on a panel van, the larger Sprinter City 65 is recognisable by its dedicated body with a structural bus framework and panoramic glazing. The elegant panoramic windscreen extends well up to the roof, providing space for an integrated destination display (Sprinter City 35 with roof mounting). The Sprinter City 65 K, the short version of the Sprinter City 65, results from a 70 cm shorter rear overhang. Despite its compact exterior length of only 7.0 m, this approx. 2 m wide low-entry bus can accommodate 30 passengers.

The model series is rounded off by the Sprinter City 77 with a length of 8.7 m, which closes the gap between the Sprinter City 65 and the Citaro K. Like the body of the Sprinter City 77, the low-floor chassis with a tandem rear axle is an exclusive in-house development by the Mercedes-Benz minibus unit. The Sprinter City 77 has a continuously level low floor in the passenger compartment, a second wheelchair space and room for up to 40 passengers.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 77

The Sprinter City 77 has an independent suspension all-round and single tyres. Thanks to its relatively short wheelbase and slim construction, even the largest of the minibuses is ideal for narrow inner-city areas. In addition the Sprinter City 77 is a good choice as a shuttle bus or for inter-urban services.

All Sprinter City models are well suited for urban traffic thanks to a double swing-out door with a clear aperture of 1250 mm. This leads to the spacious low-floor area between the axles. In the City 35 this measures around 3.2 m2 , and in the City 65 precisely 3.6 m2.

The Sprinter City 77 has a low-floor area measuring 7.5 m2 . A fold-down ramp allows convenient access and egress for passengers with restricted mobility and parents with pushchairs.

In the City 35 and City 65, one or two shallow steps lead into the rear of the vehicle as with a low-entry bus. The plastic "City-Star Eco" bucket seat from the Citaro is used for the seating. Its lightweight, ergonomically shaped seat shell features seat and backrest padding.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 77

In the Sprinter City 65 a further single swing-out door behind the rear axle is part of the basic equipment, and a double swing-out door in the rear is standard in the Sprinter City 77.

With respect to the colour scheme, flooring and wall panelling, seats and modular ceiling, the interior takes its lead from the larger sister model, the Citaro. Powerful convector heaters with axial fans plus air conditioners for the driver and passengers with a fesh and recirculated air function are part of the available appointments.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 77

Power is transferred to the rear axle by a comfortable seven-speed automatic torque converter transmission. A rear air suspension system is optionally available for the Sprinter City 35, and this is standard equipment for the three larger models. The kneeling function for particularly easy access and egress is reserved for the Sprinter City 65, 65 K and 77. A retarder is available for all four City buses. While the permissible gross vehicle weight of the Sprinter City 35 is 5.0 t, the figures for the Sprinter City 65, 65 K and 77 are 5.56 t and 6.8 t respectively owing to the larger number of passengers.

Sprinter Mobility: Models for passengers with restricted mobility

The Sprinter Mobility is configured for passengers with restricted mobility. Four models are available, from the Sprinter Mobility 23 and Sprinter Mobility 33 to the new Sprinter Mobility 35 and 45 models. All are based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter panel van with a high roof and double hinged doors at the rear. Gross vehicle weights range from 3.5 t to a maximum of 5.3 t.

The seating with three-point seat belts is of high-strength construction. In addition to the standard seating, numerous other variants are available to suit individual requirements. For carrying wheelchairs and for flexible arrangement of the seating, the floor has an integrated system of rails to which the seat bases and wheelchair anchoring straps are attached.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mobility 45

Versions with an electrically extending entry step at the co-driver's door and sliding door are also available. A linear lift or pivoting lift at the rear is also possible. As a third option, an underfloor lift is available which occupies no interior space.

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