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English   The new Mercedes-Benz Tourrider
01.10.2021 von admin

Mercedes Tourrider Premium

Pioneering assistance systems for accident mitigation are among the strongest points of the Mercedes Benz Tourrider. All-around visibility when maneuvering and in tight places is provided by a 360-degree camera system. Also aiding visibility, both the low beam and main beam benefit from the extraordinary light yield of the two LED headlamp systems. With the standard Docking Lights, the Tourrider also supports its drivers when reversing in the dark.

The outstanding new safety features of the Tourrider also include the optional radar-based Sideguard Assist cornering assistant with pedestrian detection. If a moving object – such as a pedestrian or a cyclist – or a stationary obstacle is located in the monitoring zone on the side of the door, the system issues a warning to the driver. It thereby assists the driver in particular when turning off in busy areas and also effectively protects both fellow motororists, cyclists and pedestrians.

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