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English   The electrically powered Mercedes-Benz Citaro *
08.03.2018 von admin

Citaro: from low-emission bus to zero-emission bus

With a wide range of low-emission and, going forward, emission-free city buses, Mercedes-Benz has the appropriate answers to questions about environmentally friendly local public transport. All variants are based on the global best-seller, the Citaro. Back in 2012, this became the first city bus in the world to meet what is currently the most stringent emissions standard, Euro VI.

The Citaro hybrid variant then became a fully recognised low-emission bus. Launched last autumn, it features a hybrid module that further optimises the performance of the combustion engine and reduces the already low fuel consumption by as much as 8.5 percent. Compared with a city bus meeting the Euro V standard, the CO2 emissions have thus fallen by almost 20 percent and the nitrogen oxide emissions by as much as 98 percent in just a few years, while particulate emissions have even reached the limits of detection. The Citaro hybrid, featuring innovative 48-volt technology, dispenses with the need for a high-voltage network and is available as an option for the majority of Citaro variants, including for the natural gas-powered Citaro NGT. This model is particularly quiet-running and its emissions low, while when fuelled by biogas it is virtually CO2-neutral.

The Citaro and the large-capacity CapaCity bus, as well as the Citaro hybrid and the Citaro NGT, provide practical evidence, thousands of time every day, of the highly sophisticated level of development of drive systems with combustion engines. They are characterised by both their efficiency of operation and their low emissions. The all-electric Citaro is now taking the next step from low-emission bus to locally emission-free bus. In doing so, it adds to the range a variant that sets new standards in terms of electric mobility.

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